1997 - Namibia and Botswana
My 1997 trip to Namibia and Botswana was the first of my 'on-the-wilder-side of the fence' style holidays - my first to be spent entirely under canvas - in the South-West African bush.
Booked through TravelBag I was travelling with NAWA Safaris - a small specialist Namibian tour company dedicated to giving me a more 'interesting' holiday. Our guides were ex Namibian Army!!!.
I flew to Windhoek - the capital of Namibia and then loaded my kit, with 7 other adventurous travellers, into two Land Rovers.
We the took in a route up into the Okavango Delta, where we transferred to 'Mokorro' canoes for a further 40Km journey up to the very northern part of the Delta.
After spending 4 days in the Delta, enjoying game walks (quite fun when you get VERY close to a large Elephant!) and nicely cooked meals, courtesy of our guides, plus a 'bush shower' we then travelled into Namibia, to the North West coast and the Etosha National Park, where we spent 7 days and nights exploring the waterholes and salt pans.
Along the way I even saw a Total Lunar Eclipse (see the Astronomy section).
Great fun, very tiring, but a superb way to see Africa's wildlife up close!

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May and June 2014 - Astrophotography and wildlife photography trip

In Summer 2012, shorlty after getting home form my Hawaiian adventure to see the 2012 Transit of Venus, I decided that my 2014 vacation should be to somewhwre warm where I could enjoy stargazing of the Sourhern Hemisphere.
Having had a vacation in Namibia in 1997, which probably inspired me to get to know more about stargazing, I decided to find a great place to stargaze.
Doing a web-search I came across a few options but having seen what others had seen from the Tivoli Farm, I decided it was the place for me.
So, I booked a room and some equipment at Tivoli and then wrapped some days in Windhoek and flights around it to make my 2014 vacation.
Here you can see a few of the results.
There are more of my astrophotographs, taken from Tivoli, on my Flikr page and you can use this link to get you there.
Views of Tivoli Farm
Views of Windhoek

Views of Dusternbrook and Okapuka wildlife

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